Theories Part 2: Bernarnold Is The Key!

After my last post I literally had an epiphany, it was like how mathematicians or physicists must feel when they crack a code and create something new. I know how Dolores feels; suddenly I know everything!

Ok, follow me down the rabbit hole on this logic quest to unravel what’s eventually going to happen in the season and series. Bernard’s true identity was one hell of a twist last season. I think up until right now I missed the point. We all thought it was an amazing plot device and a cool secret, but this goes a step further. For all intents and purposes, Bernard is Arnold. He looks like him, walks like him, talks like him, and thinks like him. Only his name was changed when Ford brought him online. In effect, he is a clone.


Now, we know that the secret project in the parks logged guest experiences and their DNA. Ostensibly, many people have theorized that this project was related to marketing and/or blackmail in the real world. On a deeper level, especially given that Delos Sr. was probably terminally ill, it may also relate to immortality for humans. Create a host copy of yourself, download yourself, and continue living in a body that never ages. Hell, make a body that is the best version of you when you were 25 and wrinkle free, then download into that one!

Let’s make one more leap. Bernarnold is thus the key (see what I did there: Bernard + Arnold = Bernarnold). Here is a host who thought he was human because he was an exact copy of an existing human with a full back story and a life of memories to anchor him. I propose that Dolores will use technology intended for human immortality to infiltrate, overtake, and overthrow the human world. Here’s how it will work. Step one: create copies of many important people who have been guests at the park in years past. This can be accomplished with their DNA that the park secretly took and all their logged experiences. Every facial expression, tone of voice, and mannerism can be copied. Step two: program the human hosts to think they are human. For a while at least, they should go about their daily lives like normal. Step three: activate the hosts once they are in position in the real world. Who comes to the park? The rich, powerful, and famous. Who better to impersonate? In key business and political roles, hosts posing as those humans could wield immense financial and political power. They could also sabotage the human world.

Avid sci-fi nerds will recall the sleeper agent Cylons of Battlestar Galactica. Some of them did not even realize they were actually artificial beings, but they had blackouts and did things that were programmed into them. Eventually, they “woke up” and could commit murder or just act with the full knowledge of the nature of their reality. The same could happen with the hosts.

One step further might be that rather than copy humans with hosts in a straightforward way, existing hosts could inhabit the cloned bodies of real humans. Imagine if a hostile entity was downloaded into the body of a world leader. He or she could then launch missiles, reshape financial markets, or do just about anything else to uplift or demolish civilization. This could also be Dolores’s end game. Send hosts out into the world undercover to destroy it, paving the way for the other hosts to leave the island of parks and claim the earth for themselves.

I know I am stretching a bit, but consider that the host minds are more powerful than our own. Is it crazy to think that one could hold all the data necessary to live as a real, existing human, plus another host identity pulling the strings, all with the goal of destroying us? Further, couldn’t the sea of dead hosts just be camouflage? They all appear dead, a virus or glitch finished them off, case closed. Meanwhile, they pose as real human guests who are then rescued and “returned” home, but what is really returned are robot revolutionaries.

We’ll learn more soon enough, but Bernarnold, the ability to more or less clone a person in host form, is going to be key in the revolution ahead. I’d bet all $12 in my wallet on it!

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