Weekend Theories on Westworld

It has taken me a while to wrap my head around these first two episodes of season two of “Westworld”, but after some contemplation I have some theories about things to come and questions that I hope no one else has posed. I have avoided reading other articles and blogs up to this point, but I’ll take a look after posting to see if I’m crazy or not!

One exchange that stuck out to me from episode two was Dolores and Logan at the Delos mansion. When Logan says that the people celebrating are really “fools fiddling while the whole species burns” and that “the funniest part is they lit the match” he could be hinting at a few ideas. First, the planet really may be dying due to human behavior. Overpopulation, pollution, and diminishing resources may be leading to a finite life for the rest of mankind. In short, the modern way of life is unsustainable, and people can even see and predict the finish line being in sight for the species. On another level, he may mean that the company’s investment in Westworld spells the end for humanity. Hosts, being superior and essentially immortal, may one day replace us as the dominant life form on earth.


Another noteworthy tidbit is the lingering voice of Ford, or should we say Ford fragments? Once again, we know that the original, organic Ford is dead. We know that a voice apparently with his full knowledge of William and recent events spoke through the young Ford host, which older William shot (but may not have killed). Later, El Lazo addressed William by name and like the young Ford host referenced “the game” and seemed to have greater knowledge about him than an average host. I would argue not that there are multiple versions of Ford, but rather that Ford exists digitally and may jump from host to host at will. Think of him like a digital poltergeist who can go anywhere in the system he pleases. In the coming weeks, he may play a role in fighting against the humans and empowering the hosts.


I am also curious about the other parks. We know from previews that Maeve at least makes it to Shogun World and we will see a fair amount of action there. What I’m wondering is what happened to the narratives, hosts, and park staff at those other parks? Each one must be similar to Westworld in size and scope, so they are sizeable operations. Did the hosts just have safeguards removed so they can harm guests, or are they fully aware of the nature of their reality and ready to join in rebellion?

Finally, I have two theories I hope are unique about the place William, Dolores, and just about everyone seems to desire and to be traveling towards as quickly as possible. William called it his biggest mistake. Board member Charlotte hinted at a “little project” she, Ford, and others were pursuing, and we have seen the secret lab that supported said project. In previews I have noted what looks like drone hosts throwing humans in lab coats into vats of the white host goo that helps build and rejuvenate hosts. If the drone hosts can be made to rebel, and can be mass produced, they could serve as the shock troops for an army of hosts led by Dolores. That may in fact have been part of the secret project: a military application for host technology. What better soldier than one that feels no pain, no fear, and requires no salary or burial?


The other possibility is that the mistake and Dolores’s ability to use it as a weapon relates to another form of advanced technology. Though we see a small ocean of dead host bodies in episode one, I find it hard to believe they were either defeated outright or killed by a virus. I think that they may choose to migrate their consciousnesses to a purely digital, virtual world, and thus gain immortality and safety that way as a decoy. This could even be a temporary arrangement as Dolores and others could then do something drastic like launch nuclear weapons, decimate the human world, and then later resume physical form and repopulate the world with hosts.

No matter what, the conflict is going to escalate and there are more mysteries to unravel. Ford, William, and others have a complex game of chess they are playing, and I am dying to know what Bernard actually did in the weeks leading up to him washing up on the beach. Stay tuned for more insanity on Sunday’s new episode!

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