To infinity, and beyond!


Welcome to the launch of my blog, Yoo-neek! The title is a play on the word “unique”. I plan to review movies, shows, and other media with my own unique perspective. I thought to look up “unique” in the dictionary, or rather, and saw that the fancy, phonetic breakdown of the word was “yoo-nek” but to spell it like it sounds I opted for “yoo-neek”

I cut the cord years ago, but I’m working off of Netflx, Hulu, a borrowed HBO subscription, and whatever I rent on iTunes. While the blog will have a sci-fi and fantasy slant in terms of what I review, my tastes vary. I have an affinity for crime dramas and satires given that some of my professional background is in law enforcement, so some of that will find its way here as well.

Overall, I hope my insights help you determine whether or not something is worth watching (especially if you have to shell over money at a theater) and spark discussion about the deeper meaning of what we watch.


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